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Intergold SA : A brief history

The Intergold SA is an introductory jewelry company with a wide collection of products that covers almost all modern requirements of its customers. The company was formed by joining the efforts of three businessmen, known in Greek and Italian jewelery more than 30 years for both the ethos and for their activities.

The company employs generally 3-4 vendors spread throughout the Greek territory to promote products in more than 200 prestigious outlets. Its main objective is to quickly change plans , direct delivery of orders and excellent reseller service, evidence that rank in the major import companies in Greece . Alongside an organized accounting and warehouse department and costing products. Finally , it participates in the most important sectoral Greek reports and monitor the actions of suppliers in international markets.

The company manages , having capital and extensive experience in international collaborations to provide guarantees excellent representation in international jewelery products available .

Today Intergold SA implements a new program , in partnership with leading companies in their field , to absolute assurance and satisfaction of partners ( suppliers and customers) . As part of these actions , our company manages a total whole “package” of services partners , starting partnerships with outlets (Point Of Sales) and reaching them in partnerships shop in a shop.