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The services of Intergold SA is specific and distinct , like any modern European broker company (Agency). So we have , among others, the following major activities and services:


  • The representation of products or the management of brands , great-value (value for money).
  • The representation of products or the management of brands that meet all quality standards and maintain at least a system of total quality management (ISO, TÜV , etc. ), as well as EU directives to reduce toxic concentrations of non- noble metals.
  • The customer care before and after the sale, transferring the original marketing strategy and merchandising brands , managed by Intergold SA and their international price lists.
  • Integrated policy of Warranty and return policy for defective products, while products Intergold SA service provided by the network of local manufacturers .
  • Integrated sales network throughout Greece , with patentability exclusively with the company’s products by region.
  • Regular visits from authorized partners – vendors , special access programs managing brands silversmith , providing financial tools etc.